How much fruit, vegetables, beans and grains should I eat everyday?

how much fruit, vegetables, beans and grains should I eat everyday, nutrition, health, weight loss, longevity

So, you might be wondering: 'How much fruit, vegetables, beans and grains should I eat everyday' as a vegetarian? Eating this way is a lifestyle more than it is a diet, because there is actually no or very little portion control. It's basically all you want to eat until full. I have learned over time through …


Cabbage and white bean soup recipe: Thou must enter ‘cabbage heaven’!

cabbage and white bean soup, vegetarian, nutrition, health

I simply love cabbage, but I love soup, too. Everyday, I add cabbage to a salad. I have learned that fruits and vegetables aren't everything and that you can't subsist on them alone. But, 'cruciferous vegetables like cabbage' are among the nutrient dense 'powerhouse' fruits and vegetables [1]. Cabbage is also supposed to fight …

What is a healthy diet? The potential ‘health destroying’ deficiencies!

what is a healthy diet, plant based whole food

If you are overweight and making progress losing weight, that's a good thing. But, if you aren't feeling better in the process, you might be missing something in your lifestyle and diet. But, what is a healthy diet? Protein deficiency is not a risk on a whole food plant based diet! There are government sources …