Cabbage and white bean soup recipe: Thou must enter ‘cabbage heaven’!

cabbage and white bean soup, vegetarian, nutrition, health

I simply love cabbage, but I love soup, too. Everyday, I add cabbage to a salad. I have learned that fruits and vegetables aren't everything and that you can't subsist on them alone. But, 'cruciferous vegetables like cabbage' are among the nutrient dense 'powerhouse' fruits and vegetables [1]. Cabbage is also supposed to fight …


Split pea soup recipe

split pea soup, nutrition

Here's one of my all time favorite soups. I don't know what it is about split pea soup, but I love it and never tire of it! It's easy to make and it's vegetarian all the way, unless you want to add a ham hock for flavor. You can freeze the rest in small portions …

Easy vegetarian recipes for ‘ex-meat lovers’

easy vegetarian recipes, nutrition, weight loss, health

Most all vegetarian meals are fairly easy vegetarian recipes. For example, beans, rice, greens, potatoes and broccoli are simple to prepare. You can't get any easier than that! I buy ten pound bags of pinto beans from Costco™ that don't need to be rinsed, so it makes a great sauce when you keep adding water …