Which Plant Based Whole Food Advocate Doctor looks Healthiest?

Plant based whole food advocate doctors promote eating grain, usually processed grains like tortillas, cereals and bread. But, how healthy do they look? To me, some of them look dehydrated. Continue reading “Which Plant Based Whole Food Advocate Doctor looks Healthiest?”


Reasons Why Vegetarians and Vegans Don’t Feel Good

You would think that if you were a vegetarian or vegan, that this is all it takes to make one healthy. But, you would be wrong thinking that. I know I was mistaken. Why? Because, many foods that aren’t good for you qualify as vegetarian or vegan. Continue reading “Reasons Why Vegetarians and Vegans Don’t Feel Good”

How to Win Fighting Food Temptation Cravings

How do you fight cravings for food you know you shouldn’t be eating? Honestly, its sure not easy. It’s a constant struggle or battle! You, just like I will fall to temptation because of Continue reading “How to Win Fighting Food Temptation Cravings”