The Layman’s Guide to Health and Wellness

health and wellness, nutrition, plant based whole food, vegetarian

Firstly, I am not a health professional. But, I can read and decipher information and put it together in an understandable fashion. Although, I have lost fifty pounds and have cured myself of Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis, (and, likely have prevented a host of other diseases, ailments and conditions from occurring in the first place) …


Improving Gut Health with Probiotic Foods

gut health, vegetarian, probiotic

If you want to try to ensure you keep good gut health, try eating probiotic foods. Fiber rich foods I eat every day are beans and basmati rice. I eat about a cup of each. These high fiber foods help regulate the speed at which food moves through your gut. I also eat berries every …

Elimination diet: Finding foods ‘hurting’ you

elimination diet, inflammation, pain, swelling, auto immune diseases

When I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me, (mysterious aches and pains all the time) I had to examine and compare ingredients in foods I ate to narrow down possibilities about what exactly was causing the problem. From everything I had studied about right and wrong food, I concluded it had …