What I Ate Today that made me feel really Great!

It seems to me that the lighter I eat the better I feel afterwards. But, I don’t eat a lot of things that I used to. When you change your diet, it’s more like evolving rather than an abrupt change. This is because old habits seem to die-hard. Continue reading “What I Ate Today that made me feel really Great!”


Reasons Why Vegetarians and Vegans Don’t Feel Good

You would think that if you were a vegetarian or vegan, that this is all it takes to make one healthy. But, you would be wrong thinking that. I know I was mistaken. Why? Because, many foods that aren’t good for you qualify as vegetarian or vegan. Continue reading “Reasons Why Vegetarians and Vegans Don’t Feel Good”

Keeping Motivated Losing Weight

Part of my motivation for losing weight was that I was tired of feeling tired all the time. Also, I was sick and tired of my clothes fitting me tight. You know, the belly roll going over the belt and those love handles!

I had to poke holes in my Continue reading “Keeping Motivated Losing Weight”