Do Weight Loss Smoothies really Work?

You would think there'd be an easier way to lose weight like drinking weight loss smoothies. I used to drink my vegetable juice each day and make my banana smoothie in the morning. I really used to be big into juicing and thought it worked miracles, but I never quite felt right. I felt 'unbalanced'. … Continue reading Do Weight Loss Smoothies really Work?


Pros and Cons of Juicing

What are the Pros and Cons of Juicing? Some believe drinking fruit and vegetable juice and smoothies isn’t any better than eating fruits and veggies whole, while others swear by the many healthful benefits they have received. There is no scientific evidence I know of that proves drinking juice is better than eating fruits and vegetables. I juiced for … Continue reading Pros and Cons of Juicing

Juicing Diet

Do you lose weight on a juicing diet? Being that fruits and vegetables are good for losing weight; why not a juicing diet alone? That's because juicing by itself does not provide fiber (which slows sugar absorption) while smoothies tend to release too much sugar at once because the mechanical action breaks the fiber down. Juicing fruit and smoothies … Continue reading Juicing Diet