What is quinoa and why it replaces rice (hint: arsenic)

what is quinoa, grain, gluten free, vegetarian

What is quinoa? Pronounced [ˈkēnwä]. It's an alternative to eating wheat products and other grains you might be sensitive to. When you hear the word 'gluten', they are actually referring to grains such as wheat, barley and rye that affect those with celiac disease and have a sensitivity to gluten. Quinoa falls into the classification …


Gluten free grains: How healthy are they?

gluten free, wheat, grains, leaky gut, inflammation

Gluten-free grains do not exist. This is a misnomer. Below, these are so called 'gluten-free flours'. But, even these have their own 'gluten'. I will explain, below. Gluten free flours Almond Coconut Cassava root Flax seed Garbanzo bean Tapioca Arrowroot Tiger nut Green banana Chestnut Wheat flour can contribute to inflammation in our bodies. This …