The benefits of a ‘No fat diet’

benefits of a no fat diet, heart healthy, nutritious, longevity

Losing excess weight and having a better BMI is one aspect of looking good, getting healthier and feeling better. But, that's not all to consider... From my own experience, the lower fat diet you eat, the better it is for you. I have discovered certain fats and oils do cause painful and prolonged inflammation in …


Not all carbohydrates are good carbs: Foods to avoid

good carbs, carbohydrates, simple carbs, fruit, potatoes, rice

What are good carbs? Good question. There is so much talk out there, one wonders who to listen to. Did you know that many of us crave bread because it is so addictive? Furthermore, eating wheat bread caused me aches, pains and weight gain. I totally love bread to this day. I just don't eat …