Quick And Easy Happiness Tips

This post is about mental health the way I see it. If you are not happy, there is a reason. It’s because of the state of health, emotions or mind we are currently in. Continue reading “Quick And Easy Happiness Tips”

Foods That Skyrocketed My Health After Losing 50 Pounds

The foods I listed below are those I have learned through my own research and trial and error best support my health. It could work for you too if you were willing to change over to a Continue reading “Foods That Skyrocketed My Health After Losing 50 Pounds”

The Most Important Health and Weight Loss Focus: Calories or Nutrition?

When one calculates his calorie intake, carbs should be at the top of the list. Then, protein and fats should be a lot lower, like how we would eat in nature. Continue reading “The Most Important Health and Weight Loss Focus: Calories or Nutrition?”

Getting Healthier: Eat like the Great Apes

Any way one can lower his cholesterol and blood pressure is a good thing in my estimation. Should we go ape on our diets?

I would recommend it. Why? We are very much like the great apes in our genetic makeup. Therefore, why not mimic them?

The daily recommendation for fruits and vegetables is Continue reading “Getting Healthier: Eat like the Great Apes”

The ‘essentials’ of a Healthy Diet are these…

A healthy diet includes real whole food. Furthermore, eating this way will likely make you lose all weight you ever dreamt about. Of course, you will hear differing opinions on this subject wherever you look; be it on TV, internet, YouTube, friends and family, or wherever.

I tell you throughout this site what a Continue reading “The ‘essentials’ of a Healthy Diet are these…”