How to cook kale: Superior nutrition in just 5 minutes!

How to cook kale is as easy as cooking any vegetable. Personally, I prefer to boil it. Or, it can be steamed. For me, these are the two healthiest options besides eating it raw. You also can sauté it (But, I wouldn't because you have to cook with oil.) Did you know that kale is … Continue reading How to cook kale: Superior nutrition in just 5 minutes!


How to Eat Healthy

How to eat healthy (and lose weight at the same time) requires eating certain food. It worked for me. That's almost all there is to it. The rule is, you eat whole food and nothing processed. You can steam vegetables and eat them raw, but you also eat two large green salads each day and fruit for … Continue reading How to Eat Healthy

Vegan vs Vegetarian

Is there a war going on? Vegan vs Vegetarian? Furthermore, which one makes you lose more weight and makes you healthier? As far as I'm concerned, being either is better than the health the Standard American Diet has brought us. Whether you are Vegan or Vegetarian, you are eating primarily fruits and vegetables. And, if you … Continue reading Vegan vs Vegetarian