Pinto bean and quinoa salad: Nutrition and flavor in 1 bowl!

I was going to have beans and quinoa and a salad for lunch one day, so I decided ‘why not combine everything in one bowl’? One less dish to clean! Shall I call this the ‘lazy man’s salad’? Maybe.

You could substitute brown rice in place of quinoa. But, if you are concerned about arsenic levels in rice, you might want to buy Continue reading “Pinto bean and quinoa salad: Nutrition and flavor in 1 bowl!”


Healthy salad dressing recipes you will crave!

In the past, It seems I’ve spent a small fortune on a million so-called ‘healthy salad dressing recipes’ at my grocery store that tasted terrible. These were all the no-fat or low-fat and low or no-sugar dressings you may have Continue reading “Healthy salad dressing recipes you will crave!”