Red cabbage, cucumber, quinoa and onion salad with zesty balsamic dressing!

red cabbage and cucumber salad, recipe, nutrition, health, vegetarian

Since I eat only plant based whole food, I want to be sure I consume the most nutritious vegetables possible in my salads. I changed from eating a basic green salad with butter lettuce because I began to feel I wasn't getting enough nutrition. So, I started adding different ingredients. I tend to enjoy tart …


Pinto bean and quinoa salad: Nutrition and flavor in 1 bowl!

pinto bean and quinoa salad, cucumber, celery, onion, cabbage, nutrition, vegetarian, healthy

I was going to have beans and quinoa and a salad for lunch one day, so I decided 'why not combine everything in one bowl'? One less dish to clean! Shall I call this the 'lazy man's salad'? Maybe. You could substitute brown rice in place of quinoa. But, if you are concerned about arsenic …