no fat plain hummus spread

‘No Fat’ (Slightly Hot) Plain Jane Hummus

Now, this hummus is my favorite. Not too many spices in it. I never tried it plain like this one. It's not as 'good looking' as my roasted red pepper hummus. I do though like it to have a little 'heat'. I made it the other day. Here's how I like this 'no frills' low …

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bean dip, mexican food, vegetarian, low calorie, healthy snack

Mexican Bean Dip ‘American’ Style

Like bean dip? If you've read enough of my articles, you know I love beans. So, if you are an avid 'bean lover' like me, you will like this recipe. You make it in a Cuisinart®, but a blender will do. And, if you have none of the above or want to do with even …

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Healthy Snack: Red Pepper Hummus on Organic Brown Rice Cakes

If you want to lose weight, you likely would like to feel better, too. This means you are interested in your current and future state of health. What foods we eat makes the difference between hospital visits and feeling great. There's lots of skinny unhealthy people as well as the obese who drink soft drinks, …

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