How much Weight can You Lose in a Week?

fast weight loss, low calorie diet, vegetarian, no oil, no refined carbs

How much weight can you lose in a week? I think that depends upon your metabolism, how physically active you are and if you eat high calorie foods or not. The healthiest way I know of to lose weight that won't return again is to do it the slow, methodical and healthiest way. And, what …


Is Extreme Weight Loss Healthy & Safe?

extreme weight loss, health, vegetarian, low calorie, fad diets

It's a double-edged sword. In other words, radical weight loss can actually save your life or cause further health problems. This is only my opinion, but I feel most of the fad weight loss programs are not a healthy way to lose weight. I also feel they can be dangerous, even life threatening in the …

Healthy weight chart: Why keep an eye on your BMI?

healthy weight chart, bmi chart, nutrition, weight loss

Something told me that if I didn't start eating healthier and lose weight, I'd eventually have a heart attack or stroke. This was scary! After I started eating fruits and vegetables as my primary foods, I wanted to know what my absolute 'healthiest' weight should be. I decided I wanted to learn how to get …