Spicy Brown Basmati Rice, Peas, Mushroom and Onion Bowl Recipe

As I’ve said many times, you don’t have to get fancy with millions of things to eat. You pick out a few things you really love and then repeat. For example, I like peas, brown rice, mushrooms and onions. So, what do I do? I Continue reading “Spicy Brown Basmati Rice, Peas, Mushroom and Onion Bowl Recipe”


Low Calorie Foods that can ‘Speed Up’ Weight Loss

Who doesn’t want to take a magic pill and wake up the next day and be healthy for life and body beautiful? No one I know. But, unfortunately, that pill doesn’t exist. And, if it did, it Continue reading “Low Calorie Foods that can ‘Speed Up’ Weight Loss”

How to Bake your own Tortilla Chips

This tortilla chip recipe is pretty darned easy. I do these myself all the time. This way, you know what’s in them. There’s no oil, no salt, no sugar, no preservatives, etc.. How can that be wrong? Continue reading “How to Bake your own Tortilla Chips”

Mean Green (or, Red) Vegan Bean Enchiladas

Although, I do eat meat on occasion, I pretty much stopped eating it years ago. I used to be a big meat eater. To tell you the truth, the longer I don’t eat meat, the ‘ickier’ (for lack of a better word) it tastes to me. This especially goes for the aftertaste of Continue reading “Mean Green (or, Red) Vegan Bean Enchiladas”

Pan fried oriental vegetables ‘your way’ with basmati rice

As you know, I like my vegetables. And, if you don’t, I sure hope you will give it a chance and try out this new way of eating. But, there must be at least a few fruits and vegetables you might like. So, focus on those. You don’t need a Continue reading “Pan fried oriental vegetables ‘your way’ with basmati rice”

Vegetarian no fat ‘Refried Beans’ recipe

If you’ve read enough on my site, you know I like my beans. But, if you happen to want the best homemade from scratch ‘refried beans’ recipe, this one is it. It’s easy to Continue reading “Vegetarian no fat ‘Refried Beans’ recipe”

The benefits of a ‘No fat diet’

Losing excess weight and having a better BMI is one aspect of looking good, getting healthier and feeling better. But, that’s not all to consider… Continue reading “The benefits of a ‘No fat diet’”

Curried ‘Get your Greens’ Veggie Basmati Rice Bowl

My curried ‘get your greens’ veggie basmati rice bowl is unique. It’s my first adventure into Indian cooking. If you like curry, you will love this one… Continue reading “Curried ‘Get your Greens’ Veggie Basmati Rice Bowl”

Save money: Safe list of ‘Non-organic’ fruits and vegetables

We all want to save money, yet you will soon discover that eating plant based whole foods is saving money. Meat costs a lot more, and you’ll see your grocery bill go way down as soon as you Continue reading “Save money: Safe list of ‘Non-organic’ fruits and vegetables”

My extra-special Italian spaghetti sauce over quinoa and flax noodles

My extra-special Italian spaghetti sauce over quinoa and flax noodles is really delicious. I love spaghetti and sauce, but I like it thick with a lot of chunky ingredients in it. But, do chop them all to Continue reading “My extra-special Italian spaghetti sauce over quinoa and flax noodles”