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Caffeine in coffee

Is the caffeine in coffee hazardous to our health? I would say it is not the only health concern when Advertisements

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Best fast food

If you are going to pick up from a drive through window, what is the ‘best fast food’ sandwich you can eat? I would say the best choice is

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Flat belly diet

If you want to get rid of that ‘spare tire’ you need to adopt a ‘flat belly diet’. What is that? It’s nothing complicated at all. You eat ‘real food’. No portion control. But, what the heck is real food? … Continue reading

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Meat eater

From time to time, beginning in my twenties and decades later, I was overweight. I was always a big ‘meat eater’! How would I ever know back in the 1970’s that eating a lot of meat actually caused poor

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How much sodium per day?

How much sodium per day is healthy or safe? It is said the body requires less than 500 milligrams of sodium (salt) each day to function healthily. This amounts to less than a

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Low sodium diet

Adopting a low sodium diet can make you healthier. Processed foods are loaded with salt and other unneeded ingredients. It all goes back to the original premise this website was based upon. Try to eat food the way it was … Continue reading

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How to stop eating sugar?

Is there an easy way ‘how to stop eating sugar’ when sugar is a hidden or obvious largest ingredient in almost every single refined or processed food product? First of all, sugar pervades almost

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Addicted to food?

Are you addicted to food? Obesity is a medical condition. I think we all have our favorite foods which we know are bad for us. But, unfortunately, we find a way to eat them anyway. For example, did you know wheat … Continue reading

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What is a Healthy Diet?

What is a healthy diet? You will hear differing opinions. Many proclaim you need meat and dairy, while others will swear on their life olive oil is good for you. Is whole wheat good for you, too? We hear much bad about

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White Flour

Flour can be made from grinding any grain. White flour from wheat uses all of the wheat kernel. In white flour, only the starchy part is used. Refined flour is missing

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