Reasons to eat healthy

If you eat the right foods you will most likely feel better and lose weight. Furthermore, like those in other societies who eat this way, chances are in your favor you will probably live Continue reading “Reasons to eat healthy”


Alkaline food chart: Lose weight, gain health!

You might want to choose your food carefully from the alkaline food chart I have provided  to make sure you are eating the most alkaline foods.

If you don’t feel well you might want to cut out Continue reading “Alkaline food chart: Lose weight, gain health!”

Alkaline foods: Weight loss, better health and longer life

You have probably heard an alkaline diet is beneficial over the acidic. I have discovered that alkaline food is better for my health and well-being. From what I understand, from a scale 1 to 14, seven would be in the Continue reading “Alkaline foods: Weight loss, better health and longer life”

Avoiding metabolic acidosis: How an alkaline diet can make you feel better

The body is at its healthiest when the pH balance is 7.3 to 7.45. Metabolic Acidosis [1] can occur in persons who eat too many highly acidic foods. This is a condition whereby the blood and bodily fluids become too Continue reading “Avoiding metabolic acidosis: How an alkaline diet can make you feel better”

Not all carbohydrates are good carbs: Foods to avoid

What are good carbs? Good question. There is so much talk out there, one wonders who to listen to. Did you know that many of us crave bread because it is so Continue reading “Not all carbohydrates are good carbs: Foods to avoid”

Low carb breakfast recipes: Shed the pounds

Everyday, I start myself off eating a simple breakfast. Although, it is basically a low carb breakfast, the berries I eat are packed with superior nutrition. I begin with a Continue reading “Low carb breakfast recipes: Shed the pounds”

Good dental health: What your dentist won’t tell you

You might need to improve your dental health as a vegetarian by changing a few things you eat. Vegan and vegetarian teeth might not be in better shape than meat eaters.

Those who eat healthier than those who eat animal products may still get sick too much, have high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels possibly visiting the dentist more often. How could this be? Continue reading “Good dental health: What your dentist won’t tell you”

What is quinoa and why it replaces rice (hint: arsenic)

What is quinoa? Pronounced [ˈkēnwä]. It’s an alternative to eating wheat products and other grains you might be sensitive to. When you hear the word ‘gluten’, they are actually referring to grains such as Continue reading “What is quinoa and why it replaces rice (hint: arsenic)”

Your healthy grocery list: What foods to buy

What exactly is a healthy grocery list? You will get a million and one different opinions about what you should eat and not wherever you look on the internet. This site is not a scientific study, but totally layman in nature. Yet, don’t make the mistake of underestimating the value of the information presented.

I explain to you in common everyday language what diet works for me. Yet, even though this site was written by myself, chances are the way I eat will work for you bringing similar healthful results, including weight loss. Why? Because both of us are basically the Continue reading “Your healthy grocery list: What foods to buy”

Resistant Starch Foods

Are resistant starch foods good for you? Potatoes and rice are essential staples in many societies. But, is all starch healthy? It seems to depend upon if Continue reading “Resistant Starch Foods”