How to lose weight fast eating all you want!

How long have you been wondering how to lose weight in a week? How to lose weight fast for women and men was something I had studied for decades. I got stuck on the weight loss roller coaster ride since my early twenties. How did I get off? Continue reading “How to lose weight fast eating all you want!”


Why is there obesity in America? It’s the food!

Obesity in America is completely out of control and a real threat to our continued health and longevity as a nation. All you have to do is look around you. Who isn’t overweight? Why can’t some of us figure out that no matter what we try to eat, we still don’t Continue reading “Why is there obesity in America? It’s the food!”

What should I eat: Here’s your healthy food list

What should I eat? I would focus upon nutritional quality of the food itself. In other words, learn which foods are highest in nutrients and those with empty calories. When you are young and healthy, you don’t think so much about your health and what you eat. But, if you could die from eating peanuts, you would absolutely want to Continue reading “What should I eat: Here’s your healthy food list”

Resistant Starch Foods

Are resistant starch foods good for you? Potatoes and rice are essential staples in many societies. But, is all starch healthy? It seems to depend upon if Continue reading “Resistant Starch Foods”

Fruits and Vegetables

So, why would anyone want to adopt a whole food plant based diet largely composed of fruits and vegetables? If you are overweight and tired of feeling sick and tired, you are in need of a Continue reading “Fruits and Vegetables”

How many Calories to Lose Weight?

How many calories to lose weight? On this particular site I visited, I discovered that to lose weight and keep it off I Continue reading “How many Calories to Lose Weight?”

Weight Loss Tips

What I am sharing with you is much more than weight loss tips. It’s a lifestyle which can virtually save your life. Changing the way you eat can better your Continue reading “Weight Loss Tips”