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How much sodium per day?

How much sodium per day is healthy or safe? It is said the body requires less than 500 milligrams of sodium (salt) each day to function healthily. This amounts to less than a

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Healthy snack ideas

I wanted to talk to you about what drinks may trigger eating junk food snacks you know you shouldn’t. For example, if you drink wine, coffee and tea, these can cause hunger for the

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How to lose belly fat

Wondering how to lose belly fat? I had that problem and I narrowed down what was causing it. Having a bigger belly is dangerous because there may also be fat surrounding some of our internal organs. It could be the … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Meal Plans

There are unlimited weight loss meal plans you can choose from. But, they will cost you plenty. Why not eat foods that cost you no more than your current grocery bill? That’s exactly what I do, and the weight stays … Continue reading

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Is gluten bad for you?

Is gluten bad for you? Wheat has gotten a good and bad rap. They say wheat fiber is good for you. But, did you know that every type of grain has its own

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Beyond diet

Statistics show that if someone loses weight, he gains it back within a couple years. Diets don’t work! So, if the diet you are on doesn’t work, what does? Another good question. Furthermore, those who do lose the weight and … Continue reading

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What are empty calories?

What are empty calories? See the photo? I think you probably have a good idea. But, it isn’t plant-based whole food like fruits and vegetables. Empty calorie foods are highly processed usually containing lots of fat and sugar. Did you know low-fat … Continue reading

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Essential Nutrients

What are the essential nutrients? There are actually two types. One is macronutrients; which are carbs, proteins, fats and water. We need these in larger quantities. On the other hand, we require smaller amounts of micronutrients; such as 

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Is Wheat Bad for you?

Is wheat bad for you? Wheat has been picked on a lot as the Devil. Additionally, I have talked about it at length on these two pages: gluten free diet and against all grain. Just because something you eat tastes good … Continue reading

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Fruits and Vegetables

So, why would anyone want to adopt a whole food plant based diet largely composed of fruits and vegetables? If you are overweight and tired of feeling sick and tired, you are in need of a

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