Were We ‘Designed’ to Eat Meat, Grain, Oils and Sugar? Maybe, not. Here’s Why…

When we are wondering what’s wrong with us, it’s a good idea to keep things in perspective. I always drop back to the ‘great apes’ in that we are almost identical ‘genetically’. Therefore, to understand what we should be eating, I look to their Continue reading “Were We ‘Designed’ to Eat Meat, Grain, Oils and Sugar? Maybe, not. Here’s Why…”


Sticking to a Healthy Diet during the Holidays

This is how easy it is to slip up as a vegetarian and vegan: Before I knew it, I was eating green and black olives by the can full. I was also feeling bouts of inflammation in general all over my body. I didn’t figure out what the source was, even though it should have been obvious. Continue reading “Sticking to a Healthy Diet during the Holidays”

Health, Weight Loss and Longevity: More than Simply Good Nutrition?

Through my own research I found it is not necessarily the food you eat that makes people live past 100. It surprised me what all the elders had to say. Continue reading “Health, Weight Loss and Longevity: More than Simply Good Nutrition?”

Can I Eat Bread and Still Lose Weight?

So, you are a bread lover, too? I used to love eating bread. I mean lots of bread. Sourdough bread was my favorite. I went ‘hog wild’ over it, and I abused it. I used to get the whole grain. Really good. Loved that sourdough taste. And, I loved butter on it. Wonderful! But, I didn’t want to suffer from a Continue reading “Can I Eat Bread and Still Lose Weight?”

The Layman’s Guide to Health and Wellness

Firstly, I am not a health professional. But, I can read and decipher information and put it together in an understandable fashion.

Although, I have lost fifty pounds and have cured myself of Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis, (and, likely have prevented a host of other diseases, ailments and conditions from occurring in the first place) I nevertheless am a layman in weight loss and health matters. Continue reading “The Layman’s Guide to Health and Wellness”

Improving Gut Health with Probiotic Foods

If you want to try to ensure you keep good gut health, try eating probiotic foods. Fiber rich foods I eat every day are beans and basmati rice. I eat about a cup of each.

These high fiber foods help regulate the speed at which Continue reading “Improving Gut Health with Probiotic Foods”

‘All disease begins in the Gut’ Why it’s true

Hippocrates once said, ‘All disease begins in the Gut’. How can this be true? He is historically believed to be the ‘father of medicine’. That being said, there are more and more modern day medical professionals who have researched food in relation to disease.

It has been found bad food may actually Continue reading “‘All disease begins in the Gut’ Why it’s true”

9 Reasons to not eat Whole Wheat Crackers

I don’t eat wheat crackers anymore. Why? Yes, they taste good. And, I still love them. But, what tastes good isn’t necessarily good for you. They are so addictive, I can’t stop until I eat the whole darned box! Really! They are designed to make you not stop Continue reading “9 Reasons to not eat Whole Wheat Crackers”

Why healthy food can make aches and pains go away

Some people don’t feel good and can’t figure out why. They may have been to the doctor, and still don’t have the answer. You might be suffering from mysterious aches and pains and not even know why. Continue reading “Why healthy food can make aches and pains go away”

Is ‘olive oil’ good for you? The surprising answer…

Is olive oil good for you? The quick answer is Continue reading “Is ‘olive oil’ good for you? The surprising answer…”