‘Big Bowl’ Potato, Bean And Kale Lover’s Recipe

I wanted to share my most favorite but nutritious recipe. As you know, I love beans and potatoes. And, if you do, you surely will love this one. On any of my recipes you can substitute different vegetables or add more. Continue reading “‘Big Bowl’ Potato, Bean And Kale Lover’s Recipe”


Special ‘No Oil, No Sugar’ Italian Salad Dressing Recipe

If you are going to eat a nice green healthy salad, you want a tasty salad dressing you look forward to. Yet, you must keep in mind the salad is more important than the dressing. Continue reading “Special ‘No Oil, No Sugar’ Italian Salad Dressing Recipe”

Spicy Brown Basmati Rice, Peas, Mushroom and Onion Bowl Recipe

As I’ve said many times, you don’t have to get fancy with millions of things to eat. You pick out a few things you really love and then repeat. For example, I like peas, brown rice, mushrooms and onions. So, what do I do? I Continue reading “Spicy Brown Basmati Rice, Peas, Mushroom and Onion Bowl Recipe”

Low Calorie Spicy Pinto Bean Soup Recipe

I decided to make some pinto beans the other day in my 4 qt. crock pot. But, in the middle of cooking it I decided to make it into a soup, instead. I like hot meals over cold. It’s really good, so I thought I’d share it with you. The soup is a lot more Continue reading “Low Calorie Spicy Pinto Bean Soup Recipe”

Mexican Bean Dip ‘American’ Style

Like bean dip? If you’ve read enough of my articles, you know I love beans. So, if you are an avid ‘bean lover’ like me, you will like this recipe. You make it in a Cuisinart®, but a blender will do. And, if you have none of the above or want to do with even less clean up, simply use a hand potato masher. Continue reading “Mexican Bean Dip ‘American’ Style”

Quick Hand Shredded Green Cabbage with Spinach Salad

I like things quick and simple. Also, I like eating nutritious foods. This is a salad you won’t have to eat much of to start feeling better about your health. And, as for calories go, you don’t have to think twice about it… Continue reading “Quick Hand Shredded Green Cabbage with Spinach Salad”

Mean Green (or, Red) Vegan Bean Enchiladas

Although, I do eat meat on occasion, I pretty much stopped eating it years ago. I used to be a big meat eater. To tell you the truth, the longer I don’t eat meat, the ‘ickier’ (for lack of a better word) it tastes to me. This especially goes for the aftertaste of Continue reading “Mean Green (or, Red) Vegan Bean Enchiladas”

Healthy Snack: Red Pepper Hummus on Organic Brown Rice Cakes

If you want to lose weight, you likely would like to feel better, too. This means you are interested in your current and future state of health. What foods we eat makes the difference between Continue reading “Healthy Snack: Red Pepper Hummus on Organic Brown Rice Cakes”

How to make a Vegetarian Bean Burrito recipe that is Delicioso!

This is one of my all time favorite Mexican food recipes. I absolutely love bean burritos, only now I don’t put meat in them.

Yes, meat is flavorful and tastes great, but you don’t need to eat it. Remember what I said earlier… ‘What tastes good isn’t necessarily good for you’? Yep. True. Why? Because… Continue reading “How to make a Vegetarian Bean Burrito recipe that is Delicioso!”