Why You Are Never Too Old To Eat Your Way To Better Health…

This post is actually for anyone, any age. Plant based whole food works for everyone young or old. Go figure how and why different societies and ethnicity created their menus. But, everyone on earth suffers the health consequences of wrong eating. It happens that when you change the food you eat, your taste buds do change their preferences. Really. You eventually learn what the healthier food choice is… Continue reading “Why You Are Never Too Old To Eat Your Way To Better Health…”

How to Pick the Healthiest Food to Eat

Your mind can play tricks on you when it comes to food. What I mean is that if you have a favorite food and you are trying to eat healthier, your addiction to it will soon lead you down the ‘primrose’ path to eating it. Continue reading “How to Pick the Healthiest Food to Eat”

My Quickest Food Guide: I Lost 50 Pounds, Got Healthier and will Likely Live Longer

I wanted to make a quicker more compact guide to what I eat. I lost 50 pounds and got healthier. The food below is what worked for me. So, it’s never too late and doesn’t matter how old you are. Continue reading “My Quickest Food Guide: I Lost 50 Pounds, Got Healthier and will Likely Live Longer”

Pan fried oriental vegetables ‘your way’ with basmati rice

As you know, I like my vegetables. And, if you don’t, I sure hope you will give it a chance and try out this new way of eating. But, there must be at least a few fruits and vegetables you might like. So, focus on those. You don’t need a Continue reading “Pan fried oriental vegetables ‘your way’ with basmati rice”

Healthy Foods to Buy & Eat all you want!

What are healthy foods to buy? Glad you asked. What I eat is largely plant based whole foods. You just might need a new shopping list. Buy what I buy and you might reap similar health and weight loss results… Continue reading “Healthy Foods to Buy & Eat all you want!”

Health Benefits of a Simple Diet Plan

What are the health benefits of a simple diet plan? For me at least, I believe it’s a real life saver. I suffer from inflammation. I didn’t know before that it was the food that was causing it.

Maybe, you too have generalized aches and pains or got stuck losing weight. You know you should feel better, but Continue reading “Health Benefits of a Simple Diet Plan”

The benefits of a ‘No fat diet’

Losing excess weight and having a better BMI is one aspect of looking good, getting healthier and feeling better. But, that’s not all to consider… Continue reading “The benefits of a ‘No fat diet’”

What is the ‘Healthiest diet’ on the planet?

What is the healthiest diet on the planet? There is research by authorities proving it. I honestly believe it’s Continue reading “What is the ‘Healthiest diet’ on the planet?”

Essential health and weight loss facts…

If there’s only one thing you get out of this article, remember and stay mindful of this: It is essential you pay attention to the amount of salt, sugar and oil in the food you eat.

Furthermore, the only way I know of to have any control over it whatsoever is to Continue reading “Essential health and weight loss facts…”