Pan fried oriental vegetables ‘your way’ with basmati rice

pan fried oriental vegetables, low calorie, vegetarian, healthy

As you know, I like my vegetables. And, if you don't, I sure hope you will give it a chance and try out this new way of eating. But, there must be at least a few fruits and vegetables you might like. So, focus on those. You don't need a vast array of them. I …


Healthy Foods to Buy & Eat all you want!

healthy shopping list, vegetarian, nutritious, low calorie

What are healthy foods to buy? Glad you asked. What I eat is largely plant based whole foods. You just might need a new shopping list. Buy what I buy and you might reap similar health and weight loss results... I lost fifty pounds, feel better and my blood pressure went way down. I never go …

What is the ‘Healthiest diet’ on the planet?

healthy meals, vegetarian, nutritious, low fat, low salt, low sugar, low calorie

What is the healthiest diet on the planet? There is research by authorities proving it. I honestly believe it's how I eat. You knew I was going to say that, right? Of course, I have to believe that, as I have received many benefits from eating a plant based whole food diet. I lost almost …