Why a ‘high protein diet’ can endanger your health

A high protein diet can actually hurt you. It has been proven through scientific research those consuming the most animal protein compared to plant protein have a higher risk of death, especially from Continue reading “Why a ‘high protein diet’ can endanger your health”


Is the ‘Paleolithic diet’ all it’s cracked up to be?

What is the (paleo) Paleolithic diet? In my opinion, the answer is a best guess to what our ancestors ate before recorded history. The Paleolithic era lasted two and a half million to until about ten thousand years ago before the advent of farming. What would they have eaten? Due to my own research, my best guess is that it would likely be what took the Continue reading “Is the ‘Paleolithic diet’ all it’s cracked up to be?”

Plain old ‘off the grid’ pinto beans recipe

Did I mention I like beans? I just had to write an additional article about an alternative way I make beans. If you love beans, you will certainly love my easy pinto beans recipe! Continue reading “Plain old ‘off the grid’ pinto beans recipe”

Homemade Food for Adult and Senior Dogs

I know homemade dog food is not the main theme of WeightLossBlogging.Com, but I just had to talk about it because I love my dog. Just like humans, canines need to Continue reading “Homemade Food for Adult and Senior Dogs”