Quitting A ‘Bad Habit’? Read This First…

Since we are all human, we have bad habits we would rather get rid of. For example, if you are not feeling well and eating a lot of junk food, you would rather be healthy. But, how would one actually do this? First of all, it isn’t easy unless you can make the decision you desire to stop. Continue reading “Quitting A ‘Bad Habit’? Read This First…”

Positive Affirmations: Will They Make You Rich?

Besides weight loss, health and longevity, I have written a few essays about positive thinking, meditation and well being. Somehow, these are all related. But, I decided ‘why limit myself’? It’s all subjective and this author’s opinion. Writing is good for what ‘ails’ me. And, I hope something herein helps you at least in some small way… Continue reading “Positive Affirmations: Will They Make You Rich?”

How To Make Who You Want To Be, A Reality…

Is it time to question your lifestyle? Is it time to give up drinking alcohol? Time to lose weight? Do you have headaches and don’t know why? How about that job? Time for a change of career? Are you not meeting the right people? When you search, you always find the wrong ones. Continue reading “How To Make Who You Want To Be, A Reality…”

The Virtually Unknown Technique: How To Get What You Really Want In Life

I learned something recently about how to get what you want in life. You can learn something, but sometimes it’s just intellectual and it goes nowhere. Continue reading “The Virtually Unknown Technique: How To Get What You Really Want In Life”