When Money Meets the Medicine: High Time for a Diet and Lifestyle Change

Should there be profit in medicine? If one makes his money operating on you and prescribing pills, why would they ever tell you to eat differently so you don’t have to pay him? It’s simply not in their interest doing so. Continue reading “When Money Meets the Medicine: High Time for a Diet and Lifestyle Change”


What do the Healthiest Slimmest Longest Living People Eat?

What do the healthiest slimmest longest living people in the world eat? It’s not just the food that makes one healthy, its lifestyle, too. Food is important, but it’s how one lives his life that matters just as much as eating healthy food. Happiness makes one Continue reading “What do the Healthiest Slimmest Longest Living People Eat?”

The Truth about Healthy Food and Drink

I am going to try to tell you the truth about what healthy food and drink actually is. Firstly, what one eats is a very touchy subject. People don’t want to be told what they should or should not eat. Yet, whether we know it or not, most of us are addicted to the Continue reading “The Truth about Healthy Food and Drink”

How to Eat Healthy and Thrive

Learning how to eat healthy can be confusing, especially when we listen to the mainstream media. For example, on TV, they want their advertisers to sell their food products so they too can make money. Don’t listen to them. Do your own health research and listen to you, instead.

It has been proven eating Continue reading “How to Eat Healthy and Thrive”

The basics of better health and weight loss ‘in a nutshell’

You have to watch out for a few ingredients. But by and large, if you stay aware of your food and what’s in it, you will likely Continue reading “The basics of better health and weight loss ‘in a nutshell’”

Eat all you want to lose weight

Remember, this isn’t a starvation diet. You may have to count calories to make sure you are getting enough rather than keep an eye on getting too many. Really. I had to do that in the beginning. But, now I know what to Continue reading “Eat all you want to lose weight”

Nutrition and you: Allergic reactions, health and weight gain

Let’s talk about nutrition and you (me, too.) I have learned nutrition is directly related to weight loss and health. It is also related to living longer, such as those thousands of Continue reading “Nutrition and you: Allergic reactions, health and weight gain”

A very important health alert for those 55+

I am over 55 years of age, and I truly believe I wouldn’t have lived much longer had I not changed my diet a few years back. So many of us retire because of health issues.

Who wants to work twenty or thirty years only to spend their last dollar on health care? No one does, but unfortunately it all too often Continue reading “A very important health alert for those 55+”

Essential health and weight loss facts…

If there’s only one thing you get out of this article, remember and stay mindful of this: It is essential you pay attention to the amount of salt, sugar and oil in the food you eat.

Furthermore, the only way I know of to have any control over it whatsoever is to Continue reading “Essential health and weight loss facts…”