Are there Scientifically Validated Reasons to Avoid Eating Starchy Food?

In Dr. Norman W. Walker’s book ‘Become Younger’, he claims the body cannot utilize starch, that starch is not water-soluble. So, does that mean we shouldn’t eat potatoes and grains like rice, etc.? It very well could mean that for superior health we may want to limit or stop eating starchy foods altogether. Continue reading “Are there Scientifically Validated Reasons to Avoid Eating Starchy Food?”

Why Salads and Fruit are so Essential

My whole website is my personal learning experience about weight loss, health and longevity. I am not a doctor, yet I don’t believe many physicians know enough about nutrition. Continue reading “Why Salads and Fruit are so Essential”

Will Starchy Vegetables Make Me Lose Weight?

You have heard that potatoes make you fat. But, this isn’t necessarily true. It depends more upon what you top them off with. Sour cream and butter can add unwanted calories. Although, fat will make you fat, too many refined Continue reading “Will Starchy Vegetables Make Me Lose Weight?”

Guideline for Choosing Healthier Foods

How would you know what the healthiest foods were to eat? There is a way. If you know their nutrient density, you can choose wisely. Continue reading “Guideline for Choosing Healthier Foods”

The Virtues of Eating Simply, Living Simply

I would think most everyone would want their lives to be less complicated. The less complex, the more time we get for other things we cherish. For example, this might mean you have more time to spend with your kids. Continue reading “The Virtues of Eating Simply, Living Simply”

The Path of Resistance: Staying the course on a Healthier Diet

What about stress in life? If you are a sensitive person, you might not be doing as well with this as you’d like. Life is hard like a constant uphill battle. Or, you can look at it as challenging. Change can be difficult, especially if you are doing it to save your life. Old habits die hard, and we should learn we can’t change others, we can only change ourselves. Continue reading “The Path of Resistance: Staying the course on a Healthier Diet”

Eating Healthy for Weight Loss while Cooling the Flames of Inflammation

You need to know without a doubt which foods cause you harm and don’t. I have tested foods over and over so that there is no speck of doubt left as to whether they are bad for me or not. It’s worthwhile because you don’t want to limit your menu if you don’t have to! No one wants to eliminate his favorite foods and go hungry! Continue reading “Eating Healthy for Weight Loss while Cooling the Flames of Inflammation”

What do the Healthiest Slimmest Longest Living People Eat?

What do the healthiest slimmest longest living people in the world eat? It’s not just the food that makes one healthy, its lifestyle, too. Food is important, but it’s how one lives his life that matters just as much as eating healthy food. Happiness makes one Continue reading “What do the Healthiest Slimmest Longest Living People Eat?”