Positive Thoughts Promote Weight Loss

I was overweight before. So, I know how frustrating it is when the pounds don’t come off as quickly as you’d like. But, healthy weight loss does take time. For example, I lost 5 pounds a month. Continue reading “Positive Thoughts Promote Weight Loss”

Is Your Life Going In The Direction You Love?

I haven’t exactly had a personal history of thinking positive enough. That’s why I write about this very subject now. I’ve learned a few things about the mind and I have a few ideas that so far seem to work for me. In the past, I had written a book about mental attraction, but what I am writing now is somewhat different based upon my own experience. Continue reading “Is Your Life Going In The Direction You Love?”

Positive Affirmations: Will They Make You Rich?

Besides weight loss, health and longevity, I have written a few essays about positive thinking, meditation and well being. Somehow, these are all related. But, I decided ‘why limit myself’? It’s all subjective and this author’s opinion. Writing is good for what ‘ails’ me. And, I hope something herein helps you at least in some small way… Continue reading “Positive Affirmations: Will They Make You Rich?”