Bean Lover’s Soup with Potato, Carrot & Celery recipe

bean soup, carrots, celery, onion, potato, spices, staple food, nutritious, vegetarian

In case you didn't already know, I love soup. My bean lover's soup with potato, carrot and celery is a good staple to make and freeze for later in your refrigerator. Cooking this one is a 'no brainer' like most all my recipes I 'purposely' make simple and easy to cook and prepare. It's set …


Simple steamed broccoli with potato, sautéed onion and mushrooms recipe

potato, broccoli, onion and mushroom gravy, dinner, steamed vegetables, nutrition

To succeed on a diet of plant based whole food (where I lost almost fifty pounds and got healthier) you need to look at it like a permanent lifestyle change. And, it is just that. Believe it or not, eating this way changes your whole viewpoint or perspective on the world. I used to be …