Fried Potatoes and Lemon Kale with Green Enchilada Sauce

vegetarian recipe, kale, fried potatoes, onion, green enchilada sauce, spices

I am always searching for, but usually creating my own new recipes I feel are healthy. The recipes on my site is how I eat all the time. Have you ever seen the salt content in the so called 'lean' TV dinner meals? This is why I make all my food from scratch. It's the …


Potatoes, yellow squash, green beans, spinach & kale with lemon and tomatillo sauce

potatoes, squash, mushrooms, green beans, kale, recipe

If you don't already know, I love potatoes. I am always looking for easy to make recipes. Also, kale is amongst the most nutrition packed leafy green one can eat |1|'.  This recipe is very nutritious, filling, fast and simple. Exactly how I like it. Lately, I've learned I can cook potatoes fast in …

Micro potatoes, steamed kale with sautéed onions and mushrooms

onions, potatoes,, mushrooms, kale, vegetarian recipe

Here's one of the most nutritious leafy green you can eat. It reminds me sort of like spinach. I think kale goes well with potatoes. I have another recipe very similar to this one, but it uses broccoli instead of kale. This recipe is naturally low in calories. Potatoes are about 150 for a medium-sized …