Refined Grain & Processed Soy: Better Off Without Both?

I have good reasons giving up most grains and soy products. Why? Although, I did lose fifty pounds, I also searched for ways to feel better. I think that as you get ‘healthier’ through diet, your body reacts to unhealthful foods quicker than it used to. Continue reading “Refined Grain & Processed Soy: Better Off Without Both?”


Going ‘Meatless’ Recipe: Rice and Bean Tacos

I recently stopped eating the ‘crumbled soy’ I made tacos with. And, I just had to find something new because of my love for hard shelled tacos. It’s always difficult to stop something when it becomes habit, especially when it tastes good. What did I do? Continue reading “Going ‘Meatless’ Recipe: Rice and Bean Tacos”

Healthy Food: What if there still is something Bad in it?

If Healthy Food has something Bad in it should you keep eating it? You might be thinking if everything has something bad in it, what is there left to eat? Or, some might think if everything’s bad, why bother, just eat what you want and don’t worry about it. Yet, if you are concerned about your health and weight loss there are a few things to consider…
Continue reading “Healthy Food: What if there still is something Bad in it?”

The top 5 ‘unhealthiest’ foods you should stop eating today

Yes, I lost almost fifty pounds, but there is more to it than that. We also want to feel better and get healthier, too. There are plenty of unhealthy Continue reading “The top 5 ‘unhealthiest’ foods you should stop eating today”

Processed ‘fake’ soy products: Why eating Tofu may be healthier

I am sure you have heard a lot about the health benefits of soy. I have eaten soy burgers, other processed soy products and tofu. Tofu is the traditional Asian food which has been fermented.

Populations of people, like the Chinese and Japanese who consume a large amount of soy foods, have lower incidences of Continue reading “Processed ‘fake’ soy products: Why eating Tofu may be healthier”