Alkaline foods: Weight loss, better health and longer life

You have probably heard an alkaline diet is beneficial over the acidic. I have discovered that alkaline food is better for my health and well-being. From what I understand, from a scale 1 to 14, seven would be in the Continue reading “Alkaline foods: Weight loss, better health and longer life”

Insulin resistance: Why eating ‘real whole food’ can save your bacon!

The exact cause of insulin resistance is not yet fully understood. Insulin is a hormone created by our pancreas and is essential to Continue reading “Insulin resistance: Why eating ‘real whole food’ can save your bacon!”

Flat belly diet for permanent weight loss

If you want to get rid of that ‘spare tire’ you need to adopt a ‘flat belly diet’. What is that? It’s nothing complicated at all. You eat ‘real food’. No portion control. But, what the heck is real food? I was one who used to laugh at it.

It’s not an ‘official diet’ more than it is making a Continue reading “Flat belly diet for permanent weight loss”

The low glycemic diet: Why it is healthier

There’s so many fad diets your head will spin. If you are wondering about what a low glycemic diet is, you may want to familiarize yourself with the glycemic index possibly even glycemic load. It won’t hurt to educate yourself.

What GI is, is a ranking of foods that contain Continue reading “The low glycemic diet: Why it is healthier”

Pros and cons of a ‘no grain diet’

You have heard some bad things about wheat, but that’s not where it ends. Every grain has its own gluten. You might have noticed how many foods have the added ingredient of grain. It might have corn flour, wheat flour or even soy as added ingredients. You might not think any of these are unhealthy and don’t affect you, but how would you know for sure? Continue reading “Pros and cons of a ‘no grain diet’”

How to get Rid of Cavities?

You don’t want to lose weight and get cavities eating the wrong foods. So, you might want to know how to get rid of cavities. What you put in your body does affect your teeth. It’s the first place food goes.

Benefits of a plant based whole food diet is Continue reading “How to get Rid of Cavities?”

White Flour

Flour can be made from grinding any grain. White flour from wheat uses all of the wheat kernel. In white flour, only the starchy part is used. Refined flour is missing Continue reading “White Flour”

Refined Carbohydrates

When you grind a whole grain into a powder, something happens you don’t want to happen. It becomes Continue reading “Refined Carbohydrates”