Spicy Asian Tofu Salad Dressing Recipe

I always seek out new salad dressing recipes. If you want a ‘thicker’ dressing, why not use tofu to thicken things up? Seemed like a good idea to me. Continue reading “Spicy Asian Tofu Salad Dressing Recipe”


Spicy Hot Brown mustard and vinegar salad dressing recipe

I have never eaten a salad without a dressing. Who could? In the past, my dressings have always been loaded with fat. Fat adds that unique flavor we all can’t seem to resist, like ranch dressing. Continue reading “Spicy Hot Brown mustard and vinegar salad dressing recipe”

Weight Loss Blogging’s special ‘Zesty’ avocado dressing (and, dip)

I like avocados, so I make sure I eat about one to two every week. I wanted to experiment with making an avocado dressing because I love guacamole.

I thought an avocado salad dressing would be a great addition to my salad dressing arsenal. So, here is what  came up with since I am my own in house chef… Continue reading “Weight Loss Blogging’s special ‘Zesty’ avocado dressing (and, dip)”

Americanized ‘Thai’ spicy peanut salad dressing

I really loved the ‘Thai’ dressing I used to buy from a specialty market before I started reading labels and quickly learned I could create my own version which tasted just as good. You save money; and to me, my own recipe is Continue reading “Americanized ‘Thai’ spicy peanut salad dressing”