Healthy Reasons Why To Eat Tofu

I include tofu daily because I learned there were apparent health benefits for a very large cultural population. The Okinawan people eat tofu everyday (if they haven’t Americanized their diet.) They are one of the longest living people besides the Continue reading “Healthy Reasons Why To Eat Tofu”

How to live forever: Your first 100 years

As far as I know, the fountain of youth has not been found yet. Instead of focusing on how to live forever, we would be better served to try to figure out how to Continue reading “How to live forever: Your first 100 years”

Healthy diet foods: They taste better than you think!

What exactly are healthy diet foods? You probably know from the holidays by how you feel after a big meal in that it wouldn’t be healthy eating that way all the time.

Although, we don’t hear too much about a high protein diet not being healthy, (causing kidney problems, rheumatoid arthritis and gout) we do hear that too much Continue reading “Healthy diet foods: They taste better than you think!”