Healthful Reasons Eating Vegetable Lentil Rice Soup Recipe Everyday

Many believe there’s nothing to eat being vegetarian or vegan. But, it’s a misconception. They have more choices than the way I eat. But, you would have to eat more refined and processed foods of which will likely make you overweight, sick and shorten your life. Continue reading “Healthful Reasons Eating Vegetable Lentil Rice Soup Recipe Everyday”

‘Almost’ 100% Vegetable Soup, With Added Chicken Broth…

I love soup and am always up for experimenting with new recipes. And, although I eat plant based whole food, I don’t mind spicing things up a bit. What I mean by this is I use various spices and on occasion I use chicken broth when making my soups. Continue reading “‘Almost’ 100% Vegetable Soup, With Added Chicken Broth…”

How to Cook Pinto Beans Best

I eat pinto beans all the time. For me, this means every day. Beans, rice and potatoes are all very important when you have made the decision to go ‘Vegetarian’. This is where you get more protein, fiber and don’t still feel hungry after every meal! Beans fill you up!

Continue reading “How to Cook Pinto Beans Best”

‘Everything but the kitchen sink’ manhandled vegetable soup

You know, I just love vegetable soup. It’s an important part of my diet, especially since I’m not eating grain anymore. I really look forward to eating a hearty vegetable with bean soup, as I love a hot lunch and dinner.

I just made a batch up this morning because I ran out of potatoes. I had to go to the store, but didn’t want to go hungry. So, I cooked it up in the morning and ate before I went. I am really proud it turned out so delicious. Continue reading “‘Everything but the kitchen sink’ manhandled vegetable soup”

Split pea soup recipe

Here’s one of my all time favorite soups. I don’t know what it is about split pea soup, but I love it and never tire of it! It’s easy to make and it’s vegetarian all the Continue reading “Split pea soup recipe”

Vegetarian soup recipes

I have always loved soup. It’s that during the last few years, I make my own vegetarian soup recipes instead of buying cans of it. Of course, being a vegetarian now, I like soups like Continue reading “Vegetarian soup recipes”