How to Cook Pinto Beans Best

how to cook pinto beans, vegetarian, soup recipe, nutritious

I eat pinto beans all the time. For me, this means every day. Beans, rice and potatoes are all very important when you have made the decision to go 'Vegetarian'. This is where you get more protein, fiber and don't still feel hungry after every meal! Beans fill you up! I even put beans in …


‘Everything but the kitchen sink’ manhandled vegetable soup

my manhandled vegetable soup, vegetarian, health, weight loss, low density food

You know, I just love vegetable soup. It's an important part of my diet, especially since I'm not eating grain anymore. I really look forward to eating a hearty vegetable with bean soup, as I love a hot lunch and dinner. I just made a batch up this morning because I ran out of potatoes. …