Vegetarian Weight Loss Benefits for Young and Older

We all want to eat food that tastes good. But, I think most of us would like to eat healthy. Unfortunately, our taste buds are used to eating the wrong food. Animal products, refined and processed foods loaded with salt, sugar and oil do not promote excellent health, even though they taste good. Continue reading “Vegetarian Weight Loss Benefits for Young and Older”

Healthy salad dressing recipes you will crave!

In the past, It seems I’ve spent a small fortune on a million so-called ‘healthy salad dressing recipes’ at my grocery store that tasted terrible. These were all the no-fat or low-fat and low or no-sugar dressings you may have Continue reading “Healthy salad dressing recipes you will crave!”

Fast weight loss: The healthiest way possible

Is fast weight loss safe? Which diet is the safest and healthiest? An unproven fad diet can be potentially Continue reading “Fast weight loss: The healthiest way possible”

How to lose weight fast eating all you want!

How long have you been wondering how to lose weight in a week? How to lose weight fast for women and men was something I had studied for decades. I got stuck on the weight loss roller coaster ride since my early twenties. How did I get off? Continue reading “How to lose weight fast eating all you want!”

Food lover’s diet: Eat all you want and still lose weight

You have just found the healthiest food lover’s diet! You can eat all you want. Portion control is a stupid way to eat. If you are going to eat, why not choose Continue reading “Food lover’s diet: Eat all you want and still lose weight”

Refined Carbohydrates

When you grind a whole grain into a powder, something happens you don’t want to happen. It becomes Continue reading “Refined Carbohydrates”

How to lose weight and keep it off, forever!

The US is a youth based culture. Being trim and fit and looking good is the number one priority for many of us. Everyone wants the secret to lose weight. But, the secret is Continue reading “How to lose weight and keep it off, forever!”

Lose Weight Fast

There is no way I know of to lose weight fast that’s healthy. When I was in the hospital more than thirty years ago for a ruptured appendix, I lost about ten pounds in my two week stay. Healthy weight loss may depend upon Continue reading “Lose Weight Fast”