Micro potatoes, steamed kale with sautéed onions and mushrooms

onions, potatoes,, mushrooms, kale, vegetarian recipe

Here's one of the most nutritious leafy green you can eat. It reminds me sort of like spinach. I think kale goes well with potatoes. I have another recipe very similar to this one, but it uses broccoli instead of kale. This recipe is naturally low in calories. Potatoes are about 150 for a medium-sized …


Genuine ‘No gluten’ Italian zucchini noodles with sauce recipe

zucchini noodle maker

This recipe is so easy! I sent away for this spiral slicer that makes zucchini noodles. It cost me under $4. Wonderful little kitchen gadget. If you want to go 'vegetarian', you need enough good quick recipes under your belt. Along with my chili, potato and salad, I like variety. I have always loved eating …

Healthy salad dressing recipes you will crave!

healthy salad dressing, nutrition, vegetarian, whole food

In the past, It seems I've spent a small fortune on a million so-called 'healthy salad dressing recipes' at my grocery store that tasted terrible. These were all the no-fat or low-fat and low or no-sugar dressings you may have tried yourself. Soon, they went in the trash: a big waste of money. I have …