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Low carb foods

Low carb foods like Kale is about the most nutritious vegetable you can eat. ‘Fad diets’ come and go with the breeze, just about as fast as you gain all the weight back you lost. There are low carb diets … Continue reading

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Fried potatoes

By now, you should know I love my potatoes. Fried potatoes! I cook them in a ‘Teflon coated pan’, but without oil. Yes, you heard me right. I don’t use any oil, because

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How many calories should I eat to lose weight?

If you eat certain foods, you will lose weight and not have to count calories. And, if you eat refined carbs, acquiring more calories than you burn up, you will surely

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Lentil soup

You want to find and keep recipes you really like looking forward to cooking. This one is simple. I love lentil soup! And, I like easy. You can cook it all in a

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Healthy sandwiches

To me, ‘healthy sandwiches’ are low-fat. This means they have no fats like mayonnaise on them or vinegar and oil as on an Italian hoagie or grinder. Yes, I know condiments and extra toppings do make sandwiches and food in … Continue reading

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How to detox your body

Be careful choosing ‘how to detox your body’. Why? A so called fad detox diet can be hazardous to your health. It makes no sense taking a chance on an unproven and untested

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Anti inflammatory foods

What are the anti inflammatory foods? There is a term called ’cause and effect’. Our actions cause things to happen, good or bad. As for health, prevention is the best

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Meat eater

From time to time, beginning in my twenties and decades later, I was overweight. I was always a big ‘meat eater’! How would I ever know back in the 1970’s that eating a lot of meat actually caused poor

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Optimum nutrition

What is optimum nutrition? It resides within macronutrient (protein, carbs and fats) and micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) content in your food in all the right proportions. The way to better health and weight loss is: you eat a sufficient variety … Continue reading

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Healthy grocery list

What exactly is a healthy grocery list? You will get a million and one different opinions about what you should eat and not wherever you look on the internet. This site is not a scientific study, but totally layman in … Continue reading

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