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Healthy grocery list

What exactly is a healthy grocery list? You will get a million and one different opinions about what you should eat and not wherever you look on the internet. This site is not a scientific study, but totally layman in … Continue reading

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Macrobiotic diet

Should you adopt a macrobiotic diet? To me, this doesn’t seem like too bad a choice. It is pretty much in line with what things I recommend to eat, except they do allow

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Healthy places to eat near me

You know, it’s no easy feat trying to find healthy places to eat near me or you. You have to read every single ingredient on the menu. But, even on the menu, the amount of salt, sugar and oil is … Continue reading

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Fruit and vegetable diet

A fruit and vegetable diet is more a state of mind and lifestyle. It’s a new way of eating that’s actually an old ancient way of eating we have rediscovered. Fruits and vegetables are our natural food. We are almost … Continue reading

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Difference between fruit and vegetable

There is a nutritional difference between fruit and vegetable. Fruits are basically sweet and vegetables are more pungent. Fruits, you should eat for

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Weight management

It’s not easy to lose weight, but sooner or later we have to take matters into our own hands and confront our eating addictions. If we wish to shed pounds, we have to alter our

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Paleolithic diet

What is the (paleo) Paleolithic diet? In my opinion, the answer is a best guess what our ancestors ate before recorded history. The Paleolithic era lasted two and a half million to until about ten thousand years ago with the advent of … Continue reading

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Pinto beans recipe

Excuse me, did I mention I like beans? I just had to write an additional article about an alternative way I make beans. If you love beans, you will certainly love my easy pinto beans recipe! Not only are these beans delicious, … Continue reading

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What are empty calories?

What are empty calories? See the photo? I think you probably have a good idea. But, it isn’t plant-based whole food like fruits and vegetables. Empty calorie foods are highly processed usually containing lots of fat and sugar. Did you know low-fat … Continue reading

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How to stop eating sugar?

Is there an easy way ‘how to stop eating sugar’ when sugar is a hidden or obvious largest ingredient in almost every single refined or processed food product? First of all, sugar pervades almost

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