Reasons to eat healthy

healthy eating

If you eat the right foods you will most likely feel better and lose weight. Furthermore, like those in other societies who eat this way, chances are in your favor you will probably live longer. I lost fifty pounds eating differently. Now, I too eat a plant based whole food diet. It might not seem …


How do I lose weight and get healthier?

how do I lose weight and get healthier, vegetarian, nutrition, healthy living

How do I lose weight and get healthier? I found out how. The best way I know that is a 'tried and true' method is by eating all you want of the right foods. You see, I know this works for me. I lost almost fifty pounds. You might think fast weight loss is better, …

Compulsive Eating

compulsive eating

Compulsive Eating is classified as an eating and psychological disorder. Some doctors believe the compulsion is related to the addictive properties of the food itself as with Wheat and Dairy products. Eating disorders are often characterized by excessive worry about body size, image, and weight. Obesity is considered a medical condition but not primarily as an eating disorder. …