What is a healthy diet? The potential ‘health destroying’ deficiencies!

what is a healthy diet, plant based whole food

If you are overweight and making progress losing weight, that's a good thing. But, if you aren't feeling better in the process, you might be missing something in your lifestyle and diet. But, what is a healthy diet? Protein deficiency is not a risk on a whole food plant based diet! There are government sources …


Vitamin B12 deficiency: What vegetarians need to know

vitamin B12 deficiency, nutrition, plant based diet, health

You might have heard about vitamin B12 deficiency. Deficiencies are rare, as the body is capable of storing many years of it. But, what are the symptoms? If you don't use any animal products at all, you might want to take one of these pills every day or so. I hear you (adults) need no …