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Weight loss motivation: Why your life depends upon it!

Where do you get 'weight loss motivation'? Good question, especially since most of us are so 'addicted' to snack and junk foods! And, once you know what you should eat, you then have to learn how to fight those cravings for the wrong foods! Not so easy... Don't we all love crackers, chips and cookies? …

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How many Calories to Lose Weight?

How many calories to lose weight? On this particular site I visited, I discovered that to lose weight and keep it off I needed no more than 2000 calories a day. You will require more or less. Everyone's different because of their activity level and other factors. My wife required slightly less @ 1800 each day. It's worth signing up to …

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Weight Loss Calculator

You don't need a weight loss calculator as long as you eat right. You can eventually toss it out the window! What you eat is whole food. This is fruits and vegetables (unprocessed and mostly uncooked without added sugar, salt or fat.) I lost forty pounds, got healthier in general and my blood pressure lowered dramatically. Can't beat that for …

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