Can I Eat Bread and Still Lose Weight?

whole wheat bread, weight loss, plant based whole food, whole grain, good and bad carbs

So, you are a bread lover, too? I used to love eating bread. I mean lots of bread. Sourdough bread was my favorite. I went 'hog wild' over it, and I abused it. I used to get the whole grain. Really good. Loved that sourdough taste. And, I loved butter on it. Wonderful! But, I …


Brown rice: Did you know ‘arsenic’ is in it?

brown rice, complex carbohydrates, nutrition, health, weight loss

Although, I like rice, I love potatoes even more. We crave particular carbohydrates. Brown rice is nutty tasting and chewy. I used to like eating white rice better. But, I reduced the amount I ate of both as soon as I discovered they had arsenic in it. If you just have to eat rice despite …