My ‘Open Faced’ Veggie Sandwich Recipe…

I have been revisiting making one of these tasty sandwiches every day. How do you make a good veggie sandwich? I really do love them. And, they are very filling. I decided to eat 'sprouted bread' to see how it makes me feel. 'I don't eat flour products though, you know, like regular wheat bread. … Continue reading My ‘Open Faced’ Veggie Sandwich Recipe…


Shopping for the Healthiest Bread

In my house, I am the designated cook (I guess, at some point, I might have volunteered because I love to prepare meals and cook.) Often, for lunch I make sandwiches for my wife. But, sometimes she says it makes her tired. And, I know why it does, because white flour isn't the best choice … Continue reading Shopping for the Healthiest Bread

Whole grain foods: Are they really better for you?

How many statements have we heard about whole grain foods being healthy? Quite a few. Medical professionals have talked about its health benefits so many times, it must be true? Right? Why would those in the health industry try to mislead us or not know all the facts? Or, is there just so much misinformation … Continue reading Whole grain foods: Are they really better for you?