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1200 calorie diet

A ‘1200 calorie diet’ is not enough for some of us. For example, I need about 2000 a day while my wife needs 1800. But, 1200 calories per day might be OK for you. Many Americans take in 3,000 calories … Continue reading

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Gout diet

What is the best gout diet? It is possible that low or moderate levels of purine in the foods we eat won’t trigger gout or symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. I believe this is true of

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Fruits and Vegetables

So, why would anyone want to adopt a whole food plant based diet largely composed of fruits and vegetables? If you are overweight and tired of feeling sick and tired, you are in need of a

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Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is running rampant in the USA. It’s called death by a mistaken

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Will I lose weight becoming a Vegetarian? There’s probably not an exact definition of vegetarianism everyone will agree on. But, it’s more than simply eating

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What is a Vegetarian?

What is a Vegetarian? I seem to hear so many conflicting things about what one is and isn’t! In the sixties and seventies I didn’t have a clue except I knew they probably didn’t eat meat. But, that’s about all I … Continue reading

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Raw Food Diet

What is better; a raw food diet or being vegetarian? Will either make me lose weight? A raw food diet or raw foodism is the practice of eating

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Becoming a Vegetarian

Have you heard eating more fruits and vegetables can make you lose weight? Becoming a vegetarian is not like you joined some kind of weird cult. You don’t turn strange. But, there are those vegetarians who preach who come off as judgmental. … Continue reading

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Healthiest Foods

Did you know, eating the healthiest foods can help you lose weight? Eating whole food can take you back to the weight you were meant to be, make you healthier lengthening your life. For example, I am now at my high school weight … Continue reading

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Diets that Work

Are there any diets that work? Absolutely! A healthy diet that can work wonders with health and losing weight includes mainly

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