Tasty Non-Fat Hummus (Hold The Olive Oil!) Recipe

You can use canned garbanzos or cook yours from dry beans in your pressure cooker. This is what I do, but either way does the job just fine. This is what I call a ‘healthy snack’.

‘Try to buy celery organic, as it’s sprayed with pesticide. I can usually get it at the store, but sometimes you don’t get organic, so like berries you have to soak it in vinegar and baking soda for about 15 minutes’

Don’t we all get ‘hunger pangs’ at night? My solution is eat hummus and celery or another bowl of vegetable soup or if I have a sweet tooth I have a bowl of warmed white rice with xylitol and dash of rice milk.

Tasty Non-Fat Hummus (Hold The Olive Oil) Recipe

  • I cook garbanzo beans in my Farberware pressure cooker
  • After they are done I add a cup or two in my food processor and freeze the rest in sandwich bags
  • I add my spices ‘by eye and taste’
  • A shake of garlic salt, onion powder, pinch of parsley flakes, a dash of balsamic vinegar, a drop or two of sesame oil (for that distinctive tahini flavor) and squeeze half a lemon
  • Add enough water to blend until smooth (about 5 minutes)
  • Spoon in chopped green olives with pimentos and tablespoon of its liquid and stir (optional)

I have written numerous posts about olive oil. I have experimented on myself like a poor laboratory test rat concluding refined oils (including butter) are not health-giving. You might not be surprised by me saying this, but I had to test against my own experience.

‘Despite what you’ve heard, EVOO is not good for you. Numerous research studies have proven it is not. Therefore, get your polyphenols eating red and purple grapes, olives and put the refined oil back on the store shelf’

Drizzling olive oil or melted butter on popcorn made it harder to breathe. Another morning, my right hand was numb for that day and partly throughout the next. I also had pain in a certain part of my right chest muscle and shoulder blade. I listen to my body and have gotten the ‘hint’. My experimentation with all refined oils has concluded.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.