Losing weight benefits young and old

It’s all about the food you eat! I don’t know who wouldn’t benefit from eating plant based whole food. The food you eat is delicious and there is plenty of variety to keep you satisfied.

This is a lifestyle more than a diet. And, you can eat all you want and don’t have to go on the kind of diet where you get skimpy portions and go hungry! What could be better?

As your weight goes down over the months, you will likely feel a whole lot better and probably live a lot longer than you would eating the way you used to.

You will be able to go out and buy clothes that fit better. Your confidence will also skyrocket. You will feel as good as you look. During the first month, if you stick with eating plant based whole food, you should lose at least five pounds. I hope you lose more weight than I did.

Fad diets that promise you lose more than five pounds a month are not as healthy as slowly losing weight. Slower weight loss usually stays off permanently, unless you slip back into the old eating habits.

Stick with eating plant based whole food, and I’ll bet you won’t regret the results. People who are the healthiest and live the longest eat mainly fruits and vegetables. They don’t have to go to the doctor, rarely get sick and never have to take any medications. Let’s be like them. Go to recipes, here.