The ‘3 benefits’ of eating vegetarian food: Weight loss, better health and longer life!

I lost almost fifty pounds eating vegetarian food. It wasn’t hard, but it took time and patience. I did have a few setbacks with temptation drawing me back to the old way of eating. The theme of this website is not only losing weight, but that you receive two other benefits from eating a whole food plant based diet. One, is better health and the other is longer life.

I wanted to share how I overcame these obstacles, got healthier and trimmed way down at the same time. I am living proof a vegetarian diet brings better health and weight loss. But, I did learn there were some unhealthy foods to avoid.

It does take time and doesn’t happen overnight like many of the fad diet people promise. So, you won’t lose twenty pounds a week. It’s more like five pounds a month. But, eventually you will get to your goal. It would help if you had an idea how much weight you wanted to lose and how much you wanted to weigh as a goal.

How Long will it take to lose weight?

Honestly, it took me about a year to lose all that weight. But, you have to ask yourself a question. How long did it take me to gain it? We have to be patient, and it will be worth the wait and the effort. All you have to do is start eating a different way.

At the end of the month, when you see that you have lost about five pounds or more, it will encourage you. Also, your clothing will loosen up a bit. Then, you will know by how you look this diet works, also by how you feel.

You don’t have to join a club, subscribe, pay an upfront fee, or anything. All it costs is the food you buy

Currently, I weigh 165lbs. and my blood pressure is 100/70. I am 65 and have nothing wrong with my health. But, I do have to watch what I eat and know I can’t go back to the old ways of eating or I will experience bouts of Gout and Rheumatism for weeks even months at a time. Also, I don’t want to develop heart disease, get Cancer, Diabetes or any other ailment, disease or condition. I want to be disease free. How about you?

Let’s face it, we aren’t fourteen years old anymore and can’t eat all the junk foods without gaining weight, not having energy and feeling generally lousy…

What Results can I expect?

This vegetarian diet fixes almost everything. You lose weight and get healthier in the process. But, you can’t use things like oil to cook with. And, you have to forfeit eating the amount of snack foods you love, which are usually everything in a bag, box and package. But, you will develop new taste buds in time and begin craving whole food.

You will not crave the old unhealthy foods forever once you start training yourself to eat differently. It’s pretty much a lifestyle change. You will become an ex-junk food junkie. You eat all you want, but eat plant based whole food. It’s a lifestyle change and not so much a diet because diets never ever work no matter what they say on TV.

It’s a new day. Begin losing weight living a healthier lifestyle. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Is it weight loss? Is it better health? Likely, you will have both in time. If I can do it, I believe you can too. Why not give it a try. I developed a plan that worked for me that I reveal absolutely for free.

Your health for better or worse lies within the food you eat and the lifestyle you choose to live. Begin eating the way nature intended. We have a history going back millions of years eating plant based whole food. I believe Vegetarianism is the way to healthy weight loss and better health. Why don’t you experiment and see for yourself? You only have one thing to lose, and it’s your weight. And, you have two other things to gain, which is better health and most likely a longer life eating vegetarian food.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.