The best ‘no oil’ fried potatoes you’ve ever tasted


By now, you should know I love my potatoes. Fried potatoes! I cook them in a ‘Teflon coated pan’, but without oil. Yes, you heard me right. I don’t use any oil, because it isn’t healthy. I know it adds that certain ‘flavor’.

But, you have to be mindful that everything ‘tasting good’, isn’t necessarily healthy to eat. When you are my age, you have to watch what you eat. All the bad adds up, even if it’s a ‘little bad for you’. Maybe, you can get away with some of this at age fourteen, but when you grow up; ailments, diseases and conditions begin showing their ugly heads.

When I make my potatoes, I use organic russets. They are the best. But, you need to scrub them and be on the lookout for small rocks hiding in the eyes. Be sure to scrape around and pick any hidden sand, etc. out with the end of your potato peeler. You don’t want to get a cracked tooth. I eat them with the ‘skin on’. These potatoes are my absolute favorite!

Here’s how I do it…

  • bake potatoes beforehand (about five or so)
  • I slice a medium previously baked one up into…
  • 1/4″ inch slices
  • Drop them in a large Teflon coated skillet
  • Turn the range on medium
  • Salt and pepper it
  • Put the lid on
  • Cook fifteen minutes on each side
  • Takes about a half an hour total
  • But, are potatoes good for you?

I dip them in fructose free ketchup and/or green salsa Verde sauce. Tastes great! If you love fried potatoes, you will go wild like an ape for these! From about July into November I love to keep mangoes on the counter top. They go great with anything from a large green salad to baked and fried potatoes.

To conclude, if you eat enough fruit and carbs like brown rice and white russet potatoes, you should be getting plenty of calories. You will also feel full and satiated. But, you will never overeat (because of the plant fiber.)

Our weight will eventually stabilize to our natural healthy weight, unless we keep eating processed foods and addictive refined carbs like sugar, bread, corn and wheat tortillas, crackers, chips and other snacks and junk foods.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.