The Big Life Reboot: Practical Tips On Creating Peace And Serenity In Tumultuous Times Like These….

If you are reading this you might want more well-being. But, everyone is different. For example, some of us are warriors who seek out conflict and action, while others like myself actively seek out peace and serenity.

‘There are 3 spiritual paths in life… Warrior, Service or Surrender. I fought my battles, did my service surrendering to a higher spiritual authority’

I have learned most of ‘how I feel’ is caused by thoughts I hold. Change your thoughts and you will change how you feel. The mind has great control over our emotions. So, if we can think about things more objectively and logically, we shall reap the benefits.

‘Choose positive thoughts’

Therefore, it behooves us to find ways that bring more peace and less discord. This is something I seem to be grappling with everyday in my own life becoming especially true whenever I turn on the TV.

‘Can you believe the mainstream media’?

A solution to runaway thoughts I have found is to be sure to stay conscious where your mind goes. And, if you don’t like where it keeps landing, stop it in its tracts by directing your mental focus elsewhere.

‘I meditate and it only takes seconds to do (it’s even wife approved!) It’s easy to learn and free…’

You can control thoughts you generate. Furthermore, turning off the TV works wonders. Lastly, it may pay big dividends finding more positive and supportive (new) friends to start hanging around with.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.