The Illusiveness Of Becoming More Of You: The Art Of Being Ourselves Rather Than Someone Else…

Isn’t this a silly question? How do we be us? People in middle age often have what’s called a ‘mid-life’ crisis. But, I don’t know what that really means. I wonder which ‘crisis’ they are talking about? I think life unfolds with more of them than we’d like.

When I was young I thought it ‘cool’ when an old person tried to act young. But, now I am old and it seems quite foolish doing so. You’ve heard people tell others to ‘act their age’? Or, that if they weren’t being very mature that they were ‘going through their second childhood’ or something of that nature.

“Writing saved my mental, emotional and spiritual ‘bacon’. What past time keeps you interested”?

Who doesn’t make a mistake? I guess the ‘perfectionist’ doesn’t make any. I wouldn’t want to be so careful I wouldn’t dare make a mistake. I just couldn’t live like that ‘walking on egg shells’ all the time. Not my style. If someone didn’t like me for that, I guess they don’t have to be my friend. Is this not still a free country?

” The unexamined life is not worth living ” ~ Socrates

I always wondered why old people got ‘religion’. I noticed they would go to church more and worry about death. You don’t think about that when young. I am not so unlike the old people I remember in my past. I think I became them. That’s OK with me. I feel I am in good company there.

‘Go ahead make my day, be you…’

So, what do we have to lose being ourselves and telling our ‘truths’ to the world? These days you can’t exactly do that, for if you say the wrong thing you might get your face damaged by one of those ‘haters’.

“Do we all want a simpler life? One problem, no matter how one cuts it life is never simple. Wouldn’t life without problems or challenges don a ‘boring’ label”?

Yet, we have to be ‘true’ to ourselves. This is a must. You can’t live a lie with ‘you’, right? I don’t think it is advisable trying to fool ourselves. Fortunately, when you get old you can act somewhat ‘eccentric’.

Furthermore, I can get away with stuff I never would when young. All they may think is that I am just another ‘crazy old f_rt’ and roll their eyes.

‘We grow to what’s really important and not in life…’

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. If you have emotional and/or mental issues seek out a marriage and family therapist for consultation.